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Benefits Of Not Drinking Alcohol

benefits of not drinking alcohol

Benefits of not drinking alcohol are something should be considered for people who want to quit drinking alcohol. The benefits might also be helpful for people who had hard drinking habit. It might be useful as it could encourage them to quit drinking.

Some people thinking that by drinking, it could release the stress of theirs and help them to forget the problem easily. Other than that, people also think that by drinking could help them making their body warmer, especially in winter. However, benefits of quitting drinking will make people more consider about their health and trying to quit drinking.

Health Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol

benefits of not drinking alcohol

Quitting from drinking alcohol is something needs to be considered by people who want to keep their health. And for that, benefits of no alcohol in health aspect, are need to be concern about.

First is avoiding nerve damage. By not consuming alcohol, you can avoid alcohol damage caused by alcohol. Alcohol if consumed in large quantities can disrupt the brain’s nervous system and cause damage slowly.


Even when consumed in excessive amounts, alcohol can cause an overdose or death in a person. Second benefit, alcohol if taken regularly can cause heart problems such as increased heart rate, shortness of breath, chest pain, blocked breath, and hearth attacks.

Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol for One Month

Within a month since you stopped drinking alcohol, you will feel benefits of stopping drinking. It will slowly appear to change in physical appearance. The reason, alcohol can cause the skin becomes less elastic and accelerate aging. By stopping consuming alcohol, then you can prevent aging faster on the skin.

And in four to eight weeks, the function of organs, especially liver, will increase. And in 12 weeks after stopping, the blood cells will renew itself within three months and you will fell healthier and more energetic.

What Are the Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol

Especially for woman, quitting from drinking alcohol, is highly recommended. By stopping drinking alcohol, could help maintain reproductive health. Excessive alcohol consumption on the other hand can boost sexual appetite, and on the other hand can decrease erectile ability.

Especially according to studies of alcohol consumption can have an impact on the smaller testes, lower sperm count and sterility. Alcohol is dangerous for body to consume it regularly, because alcohol can affect muscle weakness throughout the body of the drinker. It makes the body weak without power until it can cause loss of body balance. Of course, these conditions can provide greater risk of osteoporosis in drinkers.

The most important of all aspect, if you quit drinking alcohol, it will help you in prolong your life. This is because the consumption of alcohol can cause damage to various organs of the body thereby increasing the risk of sudden death and reduce one’s life expectancy.

After all those information, it conclude that drinking alcohol might give several benefits for people who in needs. However, consuming it regularly could bring damage to drinkers, so that quitting is the best suggestion for the solution. And for that, you should consider the Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol.

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