Quit Drinking Tips

The Benefits of Quitting Drinking

benefits of quitting drinking

Benefits of Quitting Drinking are varies. Most of it are of course related to the health aspect. For that, if you intent to quit from drinking alcohol, this article might helps you to consider the important thing in quitting drinking alcohol.

Even so, some people might say that it is difficult to quit, even benefits of drinking alcohol are huge. For that problem, you could try quit drinking for a week, and then continue for a month. It is because taking rest from drinking alcohol, even for weeks, is the good idea.

Quit Drinking Benefits

benefits of quitting drinking

Stop drinking alcohol benefits will gives you the good side effect such as follows.

First, you will sleep more soundly. According to study in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental research, drinking alcohol before bed will increase the alpha wave pattern in the brain.

These waves cause your brain to remain active despite the resting condition.

Second, you will eat less at night. It is because alcohol is the main cause of excessive eating. The researchers found that when people drink two glasses of alcohol, then they would eat 30 percent more than those who received a salt solution.


Third, you will find sweet food. It is because sugar raises levels of chemical dopamine, which works as a fuel for the emergence of feelings of pleasure, said Dr. Raskin. Alcohol has the same role, so if you finish consuming alcohol, then you will find the same substance. Fourth, your weight will decrease.

Alcohol has a sneaky way to increase your daily caloric intake without you even knowing it. Men consume 433 extra calories when they drink moderately, according to a study. Without the need to reduce the portion of food, alcohol drinkers can reduce their weight by not consuming it again. And those are the benefits of quitting alcohol.

Health benefits of Quitting Drinking

The positive thing you will gain after quitting drinking is your body might feel more fresh and fitter. In alcohol, there are many empty sugars, starches, and calories with no nutritional value. So drinking regularly can add weight and slow down your metabolism.

Without alcohol, your body might feel more fresh and fit. Another benefit, by quitting alcohol, the libido in your body will increase. According to research, alcohol could cause loss of sensitivity to women, in sex. It means, women who drink alcohol might not enjoy the sex just like the women who din not drink alcohol.

The Benefits of Quitting Drinking

By quitting drinking, might give more health to your body. Drinking much alcohol could be assumed as digging your own grave. It is because there are so much troubled caused by drinking alcohol often. However, you should consider the benefits of quitting alcohol such as follows.

Quitting drinking alcohol will give you chance to improve the performance of your liver, because alcohol could damage cells and tissues in liver. Quit drinking also could improve the immunity system to prevent the disease to come to our body. It is because alcohol becomes one of the major causes of weakened immunity. So without alcohol, you will be less susceptible to disease. Those are Benefits of Quitting Drinking.

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